Seattle Ring hunter

seattle ring hunter

RECOVERY OF LOST jewelry AND PRECIOUS METALS     Metal detecting service

I'm Jeff Morgan from Auburn, WA. I love a good adventure and helping people out. I have a family and a day job to pay the bills. I have a technical background and enjoy metal detecting. 

With my metal detecting capabilities I have a big passion to help you find your lost jewelry, rings, chains, pendants and other precious metals. 

Having an appreciation for these items I understand the sentimental value they carry that simply can not be replaced.  Five bucks or five thousand it doesn't matter the piece means a lot to you for the history it represents and when it goes MIA its like your heart has just been ripped out. Each misplaced piece has a story and my desire is to work with you using my metal detecting skills for a successful recovery. 

Noting is more exciting than seeing the smiles when a ring is returned to the the owner!

Contact me today for a quick chat to see if I can be of assistance in the search of your lost jewelry items.