Seattle Ring hunter



seattle ring hunter

I'm Jeff Morgan in the Seattle, WA metropolitan area. I love a good adventure and helping people out. I’m a dedicated family man with a sentimental appreciation for the precious items we carry on a daily basis.

With my vast technical background and experienced metal detecting capabilities I have a huge passion to help you recover your lost items. Whether it be jewelry, rings, chains, pendants, keys, phones, or other precious assets on land or underwater SCUBA recovery. 

I understand the sentimental value these items carry simply can not be replaced. Five bucks or fifty thousand it doesn't matter the piece means a lot to you for the history it represents and when it goes MIA it’s like your heart has just been ripped out! 

Each misplaced item has a story and my desire is to work with you using my analytical investigative trouble shooting experience. Along with a fleet of state of the art recovery tools with industry leading processes for a successful recovery. 

Noting is more exciting than seeing the smiles when a ring is returned to its owner!

I bring a big heart, a methodical relentless passion for the hunt, a strong technical background with a large inventory of state of the art technologies to accomplish the mission.

Call me today (ASAP! for best results) for a quick chat to see how Jeff Morgan @SeattleRingHunter can be of assistance in the search of your lost items of value today…

Still not sure see my portfolio of success: